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Dentist in Houston, TX

Smile Architects was established in August of 2012 with a simple mission: being committed to you, the patient. Our commitment to you means that we listen to your concerns and provide the highest quality of treatment and dental work to help you achieve your goals. The state-of-the-art, family owned practice we run is dedicated to creating healthy and beautiful smiles. Our belief is that no other dentist in Houston, TX, accomplishes this so well.

Our team offers you personalized care and outstanding services with a gentle touch and pain-free procedures. With every patient we treat, we strive to exceed expectations and ensure that the experience here is pleasant. No one should be afraid of going to the dentist, and at our practice, there’s no reason to be. We tailor each task to your needs, whether it’s restoration work, cosmetic, orthodontics, periodontics, or braces. You and your smile are always in good hands when you’re with us.

All of the Dental Work You Need in One Place

Though most patients may come to us for cleanings and check-ups, we can do much more advanced work for you too, saving you the need to find another doctor. When you need a root canal, we have an endodontist with the skills and experience to perform it in full. Should you or one of your children need braces, our orthodontist is happy to meet and consult with you about your options. No having to shop around for practices, no extra driving or having to put your faith in a brand new professional, and all of your records are already here.

Another asset to Smile Architects is our periodontist, who keeps your gums healthy alongside your teeth. These are every bit as important because lack of care can cause the gums to swell or redden and become painful. When you come in for a cleaning, we examine all parts of your mouth, gums included, and introduce you to our periodontist if any further treatment is needed. We make maintaining your oral health easy and convenient.

Contact us for an appointment with our experts. There’s no better source for optimal oral health.