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Frequently Asked Questions - Orthodontics 

How long do I have to wear braces for?


The amount of time needed for braces varies between each individual. A variety of factors determine the length of braces; they range from how crowded the teeth are to the age of the patient.  


Does wearing braces hurt?


Generally, you will feel pressure from the wires as they are adjusted to move the teeth. However, no sharp pain should ever occur. If that does happen, it is most likely from the wires poking your mouth. They can be easily trimmed at your next appointment. In the meantime, if it is bothering you too much, you can put a bit of wax, that was given to you, on it.  


How much will braces cost?


Before an estimate can be given, the patient should first have a consultation with an orthodontist. 


What can't I eat while wearing braces?


The main food to avoid while wearing braces are hard and sticky food. Things like corn chip and nuts can break/loosen the brackets or bend the wire. Sticky candy or gum can also loosen the brackets. You generally want to avoid biting hard things head on. For example, you can eat apples, but try to cut them into bite size pieces first. 


How do I get regular cleanings at the dentist when I have braces on?


Before a regular cleaning, the orthodontist will remove the metal wire. After the dentist clean your teeth, the wires will be placed back on. 


How do I brush and floss my teeth with braces?


You have to brush very thoroughly because food particle can easily be trapped in the brackets and wire. You should angle your toothbrush so it can cover the top and bottom of the braces. You will also need a floss threader to get behind the wires; you just floss normally after that. If food is still stuck in the braces, you may need a proxabrush to get it out. 


When do I have to wear my retainer(s)?


After you get your braces removed, you typically wear your retainer constantly for a set amount of months (determined by the orthodontist). After that allotted time period, you would wear your retainers at night only. This is to ensure that your teeth stays in the corrected position.  


What happens if I lose my retainer(s)?


Your teeth will begin to move after your braces are removed so it is important to wear your retainer(s) daily. If you happen to lose it, go to your orthodontist as soon as possible so that a new one can be made. 


What do I do if a bracket gets loose/break or if I lose it?


If a bracket happens to get loose or breaks off, just hold on to it. The orthodontist will put it back on when you come in for your next appointment. 


What is the age limit for braces?


There is no real age limit for braces, but generally, the younger the better. The teeth can be more easily corrected at a young age and the bone can facilitate the movement better. 


What happens if I don't wear my retainer(s)?


After your braces are removed, your teeth will begin to move unless you wear your retainers. If you do not, it will move out of the corrected position and you may have to get braces again to fix it. You can notice the effect of not wearing a retainer in a short period of time. If you skip, the retainer may be tighter the next time you try to put it on.  


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