Dental Implants in Houston, TX

The best way to replace a missing tooth or teeth is through Smile Architects’ dental implants in Houston, TX. They are guaranteed for life and won’t fall out or shift like dentures. We provide implants with the strength and durability to resist damage and outlast natural teeth. Because they resemble the real thing so well, they serve both medical and cosmetic dentistry purposes.

Dental implants are usually made of titanium, a biocompatible metal that serves as the “root” device on which a final restoration is built. The restoration could be a crown, bridge, denture, or partial denture. The flexibility of implants as a platform allows for future modification or restoration as needed, making them an excellent option for most patients. Rarely is extensive surgery required; the majority of placements are done fast and comfortably.

Mini Implants

For patients with bone structure that’s incompatible with standard sized implants, mini implants offer an affordable, attractive, and reliable alternative for the enhancement and retention of removable prosthetics. They work with partial and full dentures and yield conspicuous results quickly. Their placement is minimally invasive, especially when it’s done by us.

Often done in conjunction with mini implants or multiple dental implants is the implant-supported denture, which acts as a solution for multiple missing teeth. Whether you need a new implant-supported denture or modifications for an existing partial, the solution we give you provides a good middle ground, combining fixed support for daily activities with convenience.

Replace Several Teeth With an Implant Bridge

By placing 2 or more implants, we can permanently restore multiple missing teeth. Our professional achieves this with a fixed bridge attached to your implants, providing a comfortable solution that eliminates the need for a removable prosthetic. Schedule a consultation with us today so we can begin taking surgical guides for placement if necessary.

Although implants may cost more initially, they’re well worth the expense in the long run because they’re the only teeth replacement that never needs replacing. They’re made to fit your mouth and don’t slip, shift, fall out, or hinder your ability to eat and talk in any way. No one can even tell that you have anything but natural teeth unless you tell them. Maintenance is a breeze too; just brush and floss like you normally would and keep up with your routine cleanings–that’s all it takes.


There’s no one better to find the best implants for you. Contact the local office and get your eating and speaking abilities back.