Dental Exam in Houston, TX

The best part of Smile Architects is the diversity of our treatments and services. We provide comprehensive and cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics, and periodontics, among other procedures. Whether you need a basic dental exam in Houston, TX, or something more advanced, we’re the place to go. Below are some of the main procedures and how we do them at our office, outlining why each one is needed and what it does for you.

Exams and Oral Hygiene

We provide patients like you with a comprehensive dental exam that integrates your full needs, from cosmetic concerns to medically necessary procedures. Depending on your circumstances, we may have specialists available within our practice ready to use their expertise to meet those needs.

Oral hygiene is a must for good health, as it prevents a number of problems. Said problems range from cavities to bad breath and even gum disease. Sometimes brushing and flossing isn’t enough, and that’s when you’ll want the help of our experts and their dental treatments.

Prophylactivc and Deep Cleaning

A procedure like prophylactivc is an excellent way to help keep the oral cavity in good health and halt the progression of gum disease. Tartar (calculus) and plaque buildup can cause serious periodontal problems if left untreated. Removing all of the deposit inside the gum pockets is often impossible, so our dentist’s experienced eyes are required. This cleaning helps reduce the effect of stains and bacteria accumulation on your teeth, returning your smile to its pristine condition.

Another method is scaling and root planning, or a deep clean. We do this to remove dental plaque and calculus which can cause inflammation. After a prolonged period without a dental cleaning, calculus, the by-product of bacterial growth, begins to build around the tooth structure. Over a long term, it can lead to gum disease and tooth loss. A heavy cleaning, such as a full mouth debridement, removes the calculus and returns teeth to normal health.

Periodontics and Periodontal Surgery

Periodontics is a branch of dentistry that focuses on the structure around the teeth, from the gum to the bone. These supporting structures are as crucial to oral health as the teeth. A specialist is equipped to deal with periodontal health, and we’re proud to have one at our office.

In certain circumstances, as calculus buildup progresses too far beneath the gum line, periodontal surgery is required to remove the accumulation from the roots. Fortunately, it’s minimally invasive and can be done in 1-2 visits with local anesthetic. A soft diet is recommended during the initial healing period, but the recovery time is fast.

Gummy Smile Surgery

The gums play an important role in our smile; they support and highlight our teeth. Reshaping the gum to a more natural shape produces a more appealing smile. We reshape them in conjunction with crowns or veneers to fully achieve the aesthetic goals. The procedure is needed when the gums have grown too downward or if they look swollen/bulky.

A single seating with local anesthetic is typically all that’s necessary, so you can resume normal activities almost immediately. Oral surgery may sound scary, but the benefits are well worth it and when you come to us, there shouldn’t be any pain.

Bone Grafting

A bone graft is a relatively non-invasive procedure where additional bone material is placed into an area that needs it. In the absence of teeth, resorption occurs where the body breaks down the bone, and this takes a toll on the bone’s robustness, aesthetics, and functions. The graft preserves the remaining bone structure. The healing process is generally fast; the graft is integrated in just a few months.

Sinus Lift and Augmentation

Your sinuses are a hollow opening in your skull, and their location relative to your jaw and implant site must be considered. When doing implants, lack of bone material could send it into the sinus cavity. To prevent this, we lift away the sinus membrane so the additional bone material can be placed underneath. The result is a stable foundation that becomes integrated in a few months.

Ridge Augmentation

The contact point between your teeth and jaw is the alveolar ridge. With the loss of a tooth, the ridge shrinks as bone is reabsorbed into the body. Ridge augmentation reverses this by adding more bone to the site. The thickness and height allow for a successful future prosthetic. We can do this procedure in 1-2 visits, and you can get back to your routine quickly.

Crown Lengthening

Our surgeon removes gum tissue, bones, or both to expose more of a tooth. Crown lengthening is a common procedure typically done when a tooth needs to be fixed so that we can perform a different procedure.

Endodontics and Orthodontia Services

Endodontics is a branch of dentistry that focuses on the inside of teeth. Our endodontist concentrates on the dental pulp where there are nerves and other tissues subject to disease. Endodontic treatments aim to save the tooth from within. In certain circumstances, as calculus buildup progresses too far beneath the gum line, root canal therapy becomes the intervention of choice to remove calculus and bacterial buildup from the roots.

Along with our endodontics, we also offer orthodontia services that include all kinds of braces. You won’t always find these at a dentist’s office, but we’re proud to provide them in full. From consultation to retainers, we have everything you need.

Wisdom Teeth and Other Extractions

An extraction is when a tooth or teeth is removed, usually because it’s damaged or causing pain and other problems for the rest of the mouth. An extraction is virtually pain-free thanks to our local anesthetic. You can return to most things the day after but may need to limit diet and exercise.

The wisdom teeth are your third set of molars at the very back of the mouth. These grow in ways that negatively affect other parts of the mouth. When they come in, they grow into another tooth instead of outward. Resulting problems range from pain to the decay of the adjacent teeth. If they come in properly and cause no harm, however, removing them is not necessary.

Temporary Partial Dentures for Extraction Recovery

If you’ve had your anterior, or front, teeth extracted, a temporary partial denture, or flipper, acts as a replacement during the healing process. The gum eventually heals after an extraction and changes its shape. That healing process is essential to guarantee a proper fit for a prosthetic. During that time, the temporary partial provide a natural look.

Cosmetic Bonding and Minor Restoration

Bonding involves using tooth-colored materials to replace missing tooth structure or hide cosmetically unappealing minor defects in a tooth such as chips, discoloration, and even minor spacing irregularities. Cosmetic bonding is a quick and easy way to rejuvenate your smile and the results are noticeable right away. You can enhance your appearance more affordably and less invasively this way than with other procedures because little to no natural teeth structure is removed.

A common restoration treatment is composite restoration, a tooth-colored resin filling that repairs cavities. Today’s materials are much safer and aesthetically pleasing since the restoration matches your teeth’s natural color. Our dental technology can even replace fillings for patients with older metal or mercury fillings.

Night Guard and Adjunctive Procedures

Many people clench or grind their teeth; it’s a bad habit called Bruxism that takes a toll on their health. However, most don’t even realize they do it since it’s mostly during sleep. We’re pleased to tell you that we have solutions.

Bruxism wears down the teeth, eroding the protective enamel. This exposes your teeth to a variety of painful factors. Wearing our custom night guard protects your teeth, as it allows for a proper bite and occlusion for long term health.

Take-Home and In-Office Teeth Whitening

Sometimes you want your teeth to have that extra shine. With whitening and Zoom whitening, you can make your teeth several shades lighter. This is an in-office procedure that’s only an hour and a half. We also make a set of custom trays to help relieve the post-op sensitivity and enhance the effect. Maintaining your oral health is essential to minimize discomfort and irritation. During the take-home procedure, a tooth-colored resin material is used to bond to your tooth, with a shade that’s optimized to your choice and recommended for your teeth type.


Feel free to contact Smile Architects with questions or concerns about any of these treatments. All of them are administered safely and with the latest equipment.